We provide the experience to enhance formulations, improve flavors and product development.  A fully-equipped, in-house Quality Control Laboratory tests raw materials and finished products and ensures that each and every ingredient and product adheres to the strict requirements and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) of the US Food and Drug Administration. Among other things, Rival Labs guarantees potency, purity, identity and composition of all the products it manufactures. By maintaining strict control over raw materials and manufacturing processes, Rival Labs is able to produce products that are of the highest quality in the industry. Rival Labs can also perform the necessary tests to assure your products are Prop 65 compliant.

Our ability to provide quality and reliable turnaround gives our clients peace of mind.  Our clients remain loyal because we have earned their trust over and over again.  You can be assured that  your products are manufactured with the expertise to provide you with superior, first-class supplements.

About Rival Labs Founder

Hi, I’m Jeff Randol, founder of Rival Labs.

I am a native Californian who made my way to Texas via a baseball scholarship. As an athlete, I’ve been around supplements all my life. I’ve always been fascinated by the effects nutrition has on the physical body and performance.

In my early 20s I worked as a marketing director in a health club. Part of my job was to find products that would enhance and promote performance for our clients. Through a mutual friend, I had an acquaintance who was a bodybuilder.  He was starting his own product line and I brought a few of the products into the club.  The products had a great response and I realized this was something that could grow beyond this singular heath club.  I invested in my friend’s company and helped him rebrand. I took to the road cold calling and selling this product, which sold really well.

Through the relationships I made with the retailers and distributors I was selling to, many asked about private labeling their own line of supplements. This was the beginning of Rival Labs.

Since that time, we have worked with sports nutrition experts, physicians, biochemists as well as sports professionals to develop world-class supplements. I personally am passionate about sports nutrition, exercise and human performance. I am an active participant in endurance sports such as running and cycling and I am a consumer of these products myself.

My previous experience as supplement line creator,  current manufacturer as well as passionate enthusiast for using supplements gives Rival Labs a different perspective in how we approach your manufacturing project, how we see the market when we are advising you through the private label process, and ultimately in how we hold ourselves to the strictest manufacturing standards available today.