Rival Labs, LLC is committed to each customer’s success.

Our staffs more than 50 years of combined experience in the food and neutraceutical manufacturing industry and quality control innovation testifies to our ability to provide a full range of services to customers demanding quality and performance in their neutraceutical manufacturing choices.

Whether your collaboration is with our research and development team for custom formulations, or continuing to produce an already-established product, our specialists manage the process and produce the products in-house to ensure optimum quality control with safety measures like HEPA dust filtration systems. Our manufacturing and packaging equipment is the industry’s finest, while our in-house operating procedures ensure streamlined processes that deliver you a consistently produced finished product.

Rival Labs prides itself on the ability to provide quality and reliable turnaround gives our clients peace of mind.  Our clients remain loyal because we have earned their trust over and over again.  You can be assured that  your products are manufactured with the expertise to provide you with superior, first-class supplements.

We can advise and serve you in the following areas:

  • Co-Packing
  • Blending
  • Fulfillment and warehousing
  • Supplement and Vitamin Manufacturing
  • Contract Manufacturing / Packaging
  • Research & Development
  • Label & Packaging
  • Tableting
  • Encapsulation
  • Packaging Capabilities
  • LaboratoryTesting

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Our services are designed to accelerate growth.

Private Label Contract Manufacturing

After you have a formulation for your nutraceutical, supplement or sports nutrition product, we can help you work through the maze of decisions you will need to make regarding manufacturing. From logo considerations to packaging options such as bottle design to capsule size, we’ll put our more than 50 years of sports nutrition industry expertise to work for you.

Rival Labs can take your product from vision to reality, let us lead the way!  We will bring your product to life through the formulation, production, label development, packaging and finally launch.  Our impressive inventory of raw materials and established vendors across the world quickly moves your vision into reality!

Because we’ve been in the market as a supplement company and also on the manufacturing side, we have a unique perspective when it comes to the business of creating and selling in this industry. We have optimized our processes to provide some of the fastest turn-around times in the Industry. The reduced turn-around times can remove restrictions on product sales growth, decreases time to market for new product implementations, and reduce capital payback cycles.

Contract Co-Packing Manufacturing

You want to supply the materials for your product, no problem! We work with many clients who were once with another manufacturer. Slow turnaround times can ruin your relationships with retailers. Rival Labs intimately understands the nature of supply chain manufacturing. Our turnaround times are the fastest in the industry – less than half the industry standard. With co-packing, you drop ship your ingredients, labels and packaging to our lab, we stock your inventory, then assemble and drop ship when you tell us to. We have clients who pick up as frequently as daily and those who drop ship once a month to every few months. We can scale on-demand and meet any increase in your orders.

We will use the same Standardized Operating Procedures( SOP’s) that we use on everything we run at Rival Labs.  Your co-pack rate will be determined based on a few factors:

  • Total amount of ingredients in formula you provide
  • Total number of units to be produced
  • Packaging used
  • Final delivery method of product, IE: capsule, powder, etc.

Analytical Testing and Laboratory Services

Not all supplement manufacturers are created equal. We provide a laboratory and analytical testing to ensure that your product is formulated to exact standards. Other manufacturing houses contact us to test and analyze their supplements. We can do this for you, too.